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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 11, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. too much alcohol, a united airlines pilot fails a breathalyzer test. hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. a pilot is arrested for being drunk. united pilot's own crew raised the alarm with aviation police that he had been drinking. >> reporter: a united airlines pilot is about to land in a courthouse, arrested for being drunk to fly.
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he failed a breath test shortly before takeoff. his own colleagues blew the whistle. united flight 949 was scheduled to leave london's heath row airport -- heathrow airport for chicago. it was about to take off when british police pulled washington from the plane. passengers were transferred to other flights. united airlines has suspended washington, saying the airline has no tolerance for driempging -- drinking while flying. >> reporter: it is the third time they have arrested an american pilot for being over britain's strict alcohol limits, which amounts to about a half a glass of beer. >> reporter: pilots convicted of flying under the influence can face two years in a british prison. but analysts say even if
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washington is found guilty, he may not lose his wings for good. >> they may put him in some sort of a rehabilitation program. and they may taylor a program, based upon his personal circumstances. >> reporter: washington will be grounded until at least november 20th, when he's scheduled to appear in a london court. in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> washington was released on bail but will have to return to london for his first court appearance, november 20th. he faces up to two years in prison and fines. jessica kartalija is live in the newsroom with more on the death of a 15-year-old found in a bedroom closet. jessica? >> reporter: police say the boy was sexually assaulted, gagged and stabbed to death by a family acquaintance. police say around 3:00 yesterday morning, someone reported a break-in in the house. that's in east baltimore. two hours later, police were called back to the same house, after 15-year-old jason madison
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went missing. boxcutters and blood were found in an upstairs bedroom. after a quick search, police found madison's body stuffed in a closet and covered in blankets. a police spokesman says a man who has known madison's aunt and mother for years is a person of interest. police are seeking an arrest warrant. anyone with information about this crime is asked to call baltimore city police. much more on this story coming up at 5:00. a baltimore city police officer is on routine administrative leave tonight. he shot a man after they threatened to strike him with two knife-like objects. >> reporter: police received the first call of a mother and son fighting on the 2700 block of jefferson street, alt about 1:00 this morning. >> when we arrived, we found the individual who later turned out to be the suspect, intoxicated, but being cooperative with police.
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>> reporter: then they got another call. police say the suspect was belligerent, grabbed two knives and lunged at police. >> reporter: police say they asked the suspect to drop his knives, multiple times. when he refused, they shot. >> he was transported to hopkins, where he was in surgery. it was also later reported that he was combative with medics. >> reporter: delaney has known him for years and is surprised he was violent. >> he was always a nice person. if they had anything you needed, they would give it to you. >> reporter: but she knew something was going on this morning. >> i heard this real little thing. and he went from the window to the door. and i guess he was trying to get in the house. i don't know. >> reporter: police say all of this could have been avoid. >> i respect that uniform. i know sometimes tempers flare and emotions get high. police are there to do a job. they're there to figure out what happened. and at the end of the day, we
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were called to that house. >> reporter: that was andrea fujii reporting. baltimore police say there have been 16 police-involved shootings so far this year. the execution of the d.c. sniper has been carried out. john allen muhammad died by lethal injection last night. vic carter leads coverage in virginia and reports several relatives of muhammad's victims were there when he took his last breath. >> all right. the execution of john allen muhammad has been carried out under the laws of the commonwealth of virginia. death was pronounced at 9:11 p.m. >> reporter: the execution. john allen muhammad went according to a well-rehearsed schedule. >> by 9:00 p.m., six corrections officers had strapped him down. and you could see muhammad kind of clinch his fist a few times. he wiggled his right foot a couple of times, from what i noticed. then the blue curtain was shut. >> muhammad had no last
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statements but his attorney spoke for him. >> the execution of john muhammad will raise a lot of different feelings for the family members affected by the shootings in september and october of 2002. and for the broader community affected by those crimes, we deeply sympathize for families and loved ones who have to relive the pain and loss of those terrible days. >> reporter: they carried the remains of john allen muhammad. until the bitter end, muhammad professed his innocence, with a defiant his attorney defined as classic muhammad. >> he was very strong. he's such a dignified man, almost to the point of defiance. what strikes me about him was his fortitude, his ability to adjust and to not be broken. >> reporter: at the entrance to the prison, there were a handful of protestors, among them, derek lane and his 11-
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year-old son. >> what i am trying to teach my son is, if you are going to be a christian, it's hard to sit in that pew and say you believe in the death penalty. >> reporter: it left 10 people dead at the hands of the sniper. john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo were charged. >> his family will hold a private service and a burial. later on in the evening, attorneys representing the families of the victims came by to say that justice has been done. i'm vic carter, in jarrett, virginia. back to you on television hill. >> the brother of one of the victims said watching the execution was sobering and surreal. others expressed a range of feelings, including some who were overcome by emotion. president barack obama marked veterans day by laying a wreath on the tomb of the unknown. the president and first lady
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paid a surprise visit to sections of the cemetery where troops fallen from iraq and afghanistan were buried residents resident residents were there and shook his hand. residents being affected by tropical storm ida. today's rain in our area is due in part to ida. outside right now, it's cool and wet. wjz has traffic together. meteorologist bernadette woods is tracking it with live doppler radar. you can see outside. it's been a gray day for sure. this is what we have right now. the rain has moved in, as we all well know. but not for everyone. the interesting fact here. a front stalled out over the state. now, it's acting as a barrier. the rain keeps running northward into it and completely ending. north of that, it's dry. south of that, very wet. and this is the pattern that we're going to be in for the next couple of days. the winds have turned around to
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the northwest. they are gusty. and the only difference we're going to see is this meandering northward and southward slightly over the next few days. >> thanks, bern. let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. rain and rush hour, not a good combo. >> i was hoping we'd get a break because it was veterans day. but the rain seemed to do us in. lots of problems, including an accident on the beltway. another accident in towson, york road at hillside. crash on york road at phoenix road. too many accidents to mention. all of nem in the -- them in the city. and loch raven at east 33rd. two in pasadena, mountain road, at lyndale road. and another on route 2. that's richie highway. one more in glen burney at route 3, crain highway. there's a look at your drive times and your speeds. the slowest spot right now. the northwest side, between 795 and 83. 30 miles an hour is your
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average drive time. you can see jams there on the inner loop. also, heavy volume on the west side, inner and outer loop at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit the cochran for a free consultation. a claim that the sheriff broke the law. an update on whether the henies will face charges. now, almost three years later, i'm still reeling from her vicious attack, and i'm still trying to put my life back together. >> reporter: former astronaut from maryland won't go to jail for the attack on her former romantic rival. hear what both women had to say in court. a new study says you probably have something in your freezer to help. it's chilly, damp outside. if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow. get your updated first warning forecast.
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amazing video of a rock slide in tennessee, caught on tape. officials were already on the scene of an early-morning rock slide. look at this. when it collapses a second time. wow. fortunately, nobody was hurt. officials say the road will be closed indefinitely and it could take more than a week to clean up the mess, due to several large boulders blocking the highway. no criminal charges filed against the sheriff charged in the balloon by investigation. they have said that the child welfare workers were involved in the investigation of the runaway balloon case. richard henie's attorney says it violated the law. the henies said that their son drifted away in a runaway balloon, when, in fact, he was hiding in the attic. the sheriff says it is only a
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matter of time before the henies are charged. as kelly cobiella reports, she made a deal with prosecutors to plead guilt to lesser charges. >> reporter: former astronaut lisa nowak walked into the courtroom thursday. she had to admit her guilt. but perhaps worse, she had to face the woman she's accused of driving across the country to attack. romantic rival, colleen shipman. >> i'm 100% sure that nowak was coming here to murder me. >> reporter: nowak, disguised in a wig and pepper spray, confronted shipman in an orlando parking lot. shipman got away. >> now, almost three years later, i'm still reeling from her vicious attack, and i'm still trying to put my life back together. >> i am sincerely sorry for causing fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure that you have suffered.
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>> reporter: nowak won't go to jail. she's sentenced to time already served and one year probation. kelly cobiella, cbs news, miami. >> nowak told the judge that it would be no problem to stay away from her ex-boyfriend and shipman. nowak grew up in montgomery county and graduated from the u.s. naval academy. can the markets continue the winning streak on wall street? the dow was up for the sixth straight session. dow was up 44. s&p up 6. nasdaq up 16. lease -- let's go to new york now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. on this veteran's day, wall street stopped to remember the brave men and women of the armed forces. >> reporter: the new york stock exchange paused for two minutes of silence. and members of the marine corps rang the opening bell. from there, it was straight to business, with the market hovering around its highest levels of the year. one of the day's big losers was
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macy's. its stocks dropped after a disappointing report. the department store chain lost $35 million last quarter. that's better than it's last report. but analysts were still expecting more. they did see a ray of hope, however, in online sales, which jumped 23% at macy's. and motorola was one of the most active stocks today. its shares started jumping. the sale could bring more than $4 billion. but it's a sign of how much motorola is struggling to recover from the recession. at least the gold in your jewelry box got more valuable today. the precious metal shot up $12 to a new high, over $1,114 an ounce. the runup is because of the weak dollar, which drives investors to put their money into safer hanks, like gold -- havens, like gold and oil. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. good news for pelican lovers, after nearly 40 years on the brink of extinction, the
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brown pelican is now coming off the endangered species list. it was declared an endangered species in the 1970s after it was put in danger by the chemical ddt. >> they look like they're smiling. angry protests in the streets of quebec. the royal visit they want to disrupt. confusing and chaotic. what else this hero is saying about her actions during the fort hood shooting. a rainy, gray afternoon. meteorologist bernadette woods has your updated first warning forecast. wjz is always on. for top stories. click
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all righty. and how is that november weather working out for you, kai? >> not so much, bernadette. >> is that what you. ed? -- wanted? >> not so much. >> unfortunately, it's going to continue for a few days here. the rain has moved in, and it's not going anywhere until saturday morning. and this is why. these are all remnants of what
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was at one point, ida. that moisture is getting thrown northward. at the same time, there's a front off to the north. so in between the two, we're having rounds of rain. and it's picking up intensity, occasionally. you can see by the yellow there. and this is going to continue on and off. the other thing that is happening with this, another big part of the story, the winds. look at ocean city in particular. the actual center of the storm is still down to the south. with it off to the south, that has turned these winds in these directions. the other thing, in addition to the sustained winds of 26 miles per hour, it's been gusting since 8:00 this morning. and this is going to continue. so unfortunately, along the beach, there could be erosion with this. it's continuing. in addition to that, we have a flood threat. so we have the rain. we have the wind. temperatures are getting hit. and we have flood warning in effect all along the beaches right here. we also have coastal flood watches in effect, along the western shores, because of that
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continuous easterly to northeasterly winds piling up the water. until friday. all of the warnings and watches are in effect. here are the temperatures. 47 is where we are right now. after two days in the 70s, a day in the 60s, this is where we are. and this is where we're going to be pretty much through the next few days also. so everything you're seeing today is going to continue. the one difference we're going to have is that this time, we'll meander slightly. it's still going to hang over maryland. and that's that drying line. off to the north, completely dry and beautiful. down to the south, even more rain than we're getting. we're talking heavier amounts of rains. we're right in between the two. and until saturday morning. saturday afternoon. everything finally starts to get going once again. that's when we'll start to dry out. and a warmup will follow. the forecast out on the water, small craft advisory in effect today and friday. between that, we have a gail warning. now, southern parts of the bay already have a gail warning in effect. and just off the ocean city shoreline, there is a storm
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warning out. for the forecast, it will be windy to breezy. more winds you'll experience. high tomorrow, only 49 degrees. >> ooh. >> so kind of a rough one at the beaches now. because it's going to be so persistent. the winds aren't the highest we've seen. they could gust to 45 miles per hour. but with three straight days of that, there could be problems. >> don't forget to watch tonight's cbs primetime lineup. at 10:00. it's csi new york, immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the wjz pro football challenge is not a challenge for meteorologist tim williams. jessica kartalija is live at to explain. what does that mean, jess? >> i don't know, kai. i mean, where does this come from? tim is trying to run away with this whole thing. meteorologist tim williams still up top with 97 points with the wjz personalities. he also leads the entire competition. number 1 out of 3,742 people. now, tell me that's not
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impressive. stan saunders in second place with 91. then it's marty and then me, somehow, i don't know. the real winner this week, chris short of baltimore. he got 12 of 13 games right and came closest to the score. he wins a $50 gift card to best buy. of course, you can still log on. just click on the link at the top of the page kai, back to you. >> i love that music, too. >> we do, too. >> thank you. and for the ravens, by the way, they're on monday night football this week. see the big game against the cleveland browns. our special coverage kicks off monday night at 8:00, here on wjz 13. icate couric has a -- katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight. ever hear of big corporate donors giving to a scholarship foundation? we'll follow the money, tonight only on the cbs evening news. team suspects in court.
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accused of setting another teen on fire. will they face charges as adults? hitting kids hard. a pittsburgh children's hospital is inundated with pediatric cases. our complete coverage continues. heavy heart. the president remembers the lives lost fighting for america's freedom, while considering sending more into harm's way. eyewitness news at 4:00 eyewitness news at 4:00 [house] wow, i feel like a new house after my quick home energy check-up from bge.
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it's the closest i'll ever get to a day spa. they wrapped my pipes, installed cfl bulbs, recommended a little nip/tuck around the old windows and more. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at, and pamper your home with a quick home energy check-up. [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life.
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it is 4:29. 47 degrees, with light rain. hello, thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. and here's what people are talking about. americans across the nation are paying tribute to veterans today. president obama saluted our troops at arlington national cemetery as he weighed the future of the afghan war. joel brown reports for wjz, the president is close to making a decision.
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>> on a rainy veteran's day, president obama and the first lady offered handshakes and condolences, to families mourning lost loved ones at arlington national cemetery. the pair walked among the graves in an area, a site reserved for troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. the commander in chief is reportedly nearing a decision about the strategy for the war in afghanistan. that could include sending up to 40,000 more troops to battle. the men and women in inform, already serving abroad were already on the president's mind. as he spoke to families. >> for our troops it is another day in harm's way. for their families, it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and concern for their safety. >> reporter: the people who came to the vietnam veteran's memorial to mark the holiday, know those feelings well. they pay tribute to family members and friends that we lost on the battlefield. >> we remember him all year.
4:31 pm
but this is a special time. >> reporter: rex lee is also thinking about president obama and the decision that is before him. >> we're just praying for the right decision. we're praying for his office, for what he has to do, he has to make a tough decision. >> present. >> reporter: they will meet for another meeting. aides expect the commander in chief to announce his plans for afghanistan, after he returns from his upcoming trip to asia. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. now, sources in the obama administration say the president is considering a total of four options in the afghan war, although the white house isn't offering any specific details. we are learning more about a woman hailed as a hero for her actions during the fort hood shooting spree. she is one of two civilian police officers who confronted the shooter thursday. >> sergeant munly has just been released from the hospital
4:32 pm
after undergoing two surgeries for a bullet wound to her leg. while in the hospital, defense secretary robert gates paid a visit to her to thank her for her heroic actions. munley fired shots at suspect major nidal malik hasan during the rampage. munley said the scene was chaotic and confusing, but she remembers getting hit. she also looks forward to getting back to her normal life. >> the investigation is also looking into whether the mimitary and other official -- military and other officials missed signals. 19-year-old john evans will be buried saturday at st. louis catholic church in clarksville at 10:00 a.m. the highland native collapsed in his room after completing a 10-mile training march with members of his freshman class. the cause of death has not yet been determined. three florida teenagers are charged as adults with attempted murder, after they
4:33 pm
allegedly set a classmate on fire. it started as a fight over a video game. as joan murray reports from dearfield beach, the -- deerfield beach, they make the first appearance in court. >> the defendants are charged with attempted murder in the second degree as an adult. >> reporter: the adult orange jail jump suits do little to hide their ages. and 15-year-old denver jarvis are now charged as adults with setting michael brewer on fire. with burns covering two-thirds of his body, brewer remains in serious condition at jackson memorial hospital. >> based upon the horrific allegations of these defendants dousing the alleged victim in this case, with inflammable liquid, and turning the child into a human torch, for the safety of our community and other children in the community, this court orders that you all be held with no bond until further court order.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: jesus mendez who is charged with lighting brewer on fire, hung his head during the hearing. >> they characterized michael brewer in a cartoonish manner, as a human torch. diminishes the severity of the injuries that he sustained. and it also diminishes the severity of the punishment that the other children have to be faced with in this criminal process. >> reporter: the mother of denver jarvis was not there. she was in another courtroom, comforting her youngest son for a hearing on an unrelated charge. the 13-year-old was originally arrested in the brew are attack, but released monday night, along with another teenager. sherry jarvis has publicly apologized for the burning several times. >> i'm horribly sorry. >> reporter: her 13-year-old son is being sent out of the area and will be home schooled. but she and the parents of the other two teenagers must grapple with the cold possibility they could all be going to prison for the next 25
4:35 pm
years. >> now, the three teens have been transferred to an adult jail. they will likely be arraigned next week. part of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair's estate is going up for sale. mcnair opened up a restaurant shortly before he was shot by his ex-mistress. according to court records, a potential buyer has come forward. in tonight's flu watch report, concerned parents are watching for the h1n1. a rare look at how doctors are coping on the front lines of this swine flu battle. [ coughing ] >> reporter: there is a pandemic in dr. rick saladino's honor. >> i'm in charge. >> reporter: h1n1 means a record 300 total patients a night.
4:36 pm
>> chaos. total chaos. they've gone through thousands of masks. had a shortage of tamiflu. >> you hold my hand. >> reporter: a quarter of the staff has had the flu themselves. and their 40 rooms are pretty much full, 24/7. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no. oh, no. we're seeing 70% beyond our normal. >> reporter: just three hours into the chief shift, 2-year- old ara bella has to be admitted with severe flu. >> this is a typical complication for h1n1. and that is pneumonia. >> reporter: in the last six weeks, they've seen more than 10,300 patients, up to 50% of them, likely had h1n1. >> reporter: this is patient 10,322, natalieer iny. >> can you just tell me where it hurts? >> it's my forehead and my neck. >> reporter: like most, she has a mild to moderate case of the flu. >> can you breathe deep for me?
4:37 pm
>> reporter: but scared parents continue to flood the e.r. >> try to reassure them that most kids will do well with the disease. >> is there sort of a sense of panic with parents now? >> i think there's anxiety. >> reporter: that anxiety means overtime is up 25%. jamie myers hasn't seen a lot of her son. >> he misses me. i miss him. my son knows that mommy is a nurse and that she's helping other kids feel betterment. >> reporter: by the end of his shift, saladino's team has treated more than 225 kids. >> runny nose, sore throat. >> reporter: and there are still more waiting to be seen. >> reporter: karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and we invite you to stay with wjz for complete flu watch. for information about flu clinics and updates, log onto well, we're coming to the end of a gray and rainy day. let's take a live look outside. it appears that the clouds are going away. well, we're going to go to bob this just a few minutes. first, researchers have discovered an easier way to ease the side effects of
4:38 pm
chemotherapy. it is something that will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. it's ice cream. >> it's called recharge. and it's a medicinal form of ice cream designed specifically to help cancer patients. the strawberry treat contains a large number of ingredients to help treat nausea and upset stomach. the ingredients are found in milk, but this is larger doses. researchers are touchdown that -- confident that people will respond in a confident way, since they had good results with mice. results are expected within a year. a local hospital is celebrating expansion that will help their patients and families. st. joseph medical center broke ground on a special house today. it will serve as a home away from home. the hackerman pass house will
4:39 pm
eventually have 20 fully furnished rooms and will cost less than staying at a hotel. as i was saying a moment ago, we're coming to what was a gray and rainy day. cloudy skies are going to stick around for at least a little while. bob is here with updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> probably until saturday morning. maybe even saturday afternoon, before we see an end to this rain that has moved in. north of us, it hasn't moved a bit. take a look at radar. north of this radar, it has not rained at all today. and we're talking maybe 25, 30 miles. we've had light rain pretty much on and off all day long. at the airport, it picked up a little more than a quarter. down across southern portions of maryland, they picked up over an inch. that's where the heaviest rains have been going on. and that will continue probably at least the next 24 to 48 hours. some spots down there could see two to three inches of rain or more. and across the southern bay, winds are gusting. it may get as high as 35, even 40 miles an hour.
4:40 pm
and they have a gail warning out on the bay. we'll talk about some of the other watches and warnings and advisories that will go into effect through the end of the week. >> thank you, bob. we're going to go now to sky eye chopper 13, and captain mike perry who is at the scene of a very serious accident. mike, where are you? >> hello, denise. we are in west baltimore. this is morris road, which runs north of franklintown road and north baltimore. this is between franklintown and north avenue. a single-vehicle accident coming down the hill. the vehicle lost control and overturned. the driver is being attended to by paramedics. it is a single-vehicle accident. and there are wet roadways. at this point, baltimore city police are investigating. there is no word on how long it's going to take to clean the scene up. but morris road is a little thorough fair that runs alongside -- thoroughfare that runs alongside hillside. let's check on all of the roads with sharon gibala.
4:41 pm
>> reporter: we're also following that accident. let's take another quick look outside, with sky eye chopper 13 and that accident scene. on the west side of baltimore. that is on mori guess, right near north. your alternates are going to be hilton or walbrook, depending on which way you're traveling. meantime, watch for an accident on the west side of the beltway. clearing stages. another accident in towson. york road at hillside. too many accidents still to mention. all of them in the city. some of them include falls at west 40th. hillen at east northern parkway. two accidents in pasadena. mountain at lynn dale road. and route 2, richie highway. one in glen burnie. that one in the clearing stages. but there's a new one in columbia, on 175. watch for a malfunctioning traffic light on the inner loop, trapping -- approaching 70 there. there's a look at your top sides and the speeds.
4:42 pm
still, the slowest spots. a 60-minute drive time there. there's a live look at 95 at 895. that's still running pretty smoothly. top side is where we have our big problems, as i mentioned. a 15-minute drive time. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. eat fresh. back to you. straight ahead at 4:00. touched by an angel. new details about a woman who fell on a train tracks. a celtics man asks, a young man dies during the celtics. and as we have been saying, it's raining outside. how long will this rain last. bob will update this first warning forecast coming right up. @
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an independent investigation has cleared police of any wrongdoing.
4:46 pm
22-year-old was arrested during the 2008 championship win. woodman later stopped breathing while in the custody of police. the state medical examiner says woodman died of a preexisting heart condition. today, we are learning more about the boston area woman who stumbled on the subway tracks in the path of an oncoming train. >> happy that she's alive. i mean, she almost died twice. once with the train and once with the third wheel. >> reporter: and to watch the incredible video of 26-year-old sophia hardigan, stumbling on the platform, and falling into the path of an oncoming orange line train. it was a near-death experience. her landlord saying she is still too shaken to speak publicly. >> how did she seem tonight? >> stressed out. she just dont want -- doesn't want to talk to anybody. >> reporter: she remained
4:47 pm
secluded in her apartment tonight. but the images of witnesses waving frantically to stop the motion of the train, as hardis an -- hardig an lay motionless on the track. and it's here, as it screeches to a halt. >> kept yelling at her to get up, get up. she didn't move. so i felt the only thing i could do is try to stop the train. >> reporter: and it did in the nick of time. a frantic moment listen says hey hopes to never witness again. >> i felt like maybe i was going to see my first death in front of me. and i didn't want to do that. >> reporter: mbta officials say miraculously, she suffered only scraped fee knees and had been drinking several hours before falling. >> she didn't say anything, except that she just slipped. she didn't seem like it phased her at all. she was very calm. >> reporter: bill lynch put his
4:48 pm
own life in danger. and the young woman who was saved seems to be grateful. >> how does she feel about the people. >> she's thrilled. without them, she probably would have lost her life to a train. >> reporter: family members say although she was extremely drunk at the time of the accident, she will not face any charges. hundreds came to protest britain's prince charles. the prince and his wife are making an 11-day visit to canada during tuesday's disturbance. anti-monarchy protestors pelted soldiers with eggs, delaying the scheduled royal visit. the protestors were then pushed don a side road so the visit could go on as scheduled. two of hollywood's biggest stars are teaming up for a new movie. mark steines has more. >> reporter: coming up, tom cruz, -- tom cruise, cameron
4:49 pm
diaz. only mary hart takes you to the set of their romantic adventure, "knight and day." >> big action, big laughs and big stars. tom and cameron have teamed up for a globe-trotting adventure. >> it's an action comedy. it will be a comedy if it's funny in the end. >> cameron, is he funny? >> hilarious. so funny. it's not like a whacky comedy. it's a situation -- >> reporter: the situation here is that they play a fugitive couple on the run, which, of course, means plenty of stunts along the way. we all know tom loves to do his own, like this one on top of a speeding car. >> did he make you do that. >> make her? no, she's like, can i fire this gun. i can do it. >> i did a 180. >> she did a 180 in a car. >> that was fun. i love doing -- >> she's a very good athlete. very coordinated. and really excellent. >> reporter: good chemistry between those two. also tonight, the letterman extortion case. will dave take the witness
4:50 pm
stand? plus, levi johnson on his tell- all book. and janet jackson on the death of her brother michael. we'll have that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> that's here on wjz 13. what's left of ida is making parts of maryland wet. bob has your updated fo @
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
well, doesn't look as gray and rainy and cloudy as it seemed when you were out there. >> it's drizzling. light rain. we've had rain on and off since pretty much early this morning, denise. airport has picked up a third of an inch. south of us, charles county, st. mary's county, that's where the heavy rain will be. north of us. just around north of hagerstown. no rain at all.
4:54 pm
north of that line. even northern baltimore, northern carroll county. picked up only about 2/10ths of an inch. we're kind of stuck in this pattern. looks like it will stay with us. probably the next 2 to 2 1/2 days. take a look at temperatures right now. haven't moved anywhere all day long. 47. dew point 43. 85% humidity. north/northeast winds at 12. barometer actually holding steady. 30.23 inches. 47 here. chilly, 42 in oakland. 53 in ocean city. 48 in washington. winds now, 26 ocean city. 12 here. not all that strong out to the west. but i think even out there, a little breezy. wind gusts, last hour. 38, 23, 23. southern bay will probably have some gale force winds. that means over 39 miles an hour. that will happen probably late tonight into tomorrow. that's why we have a lot of
4:55 pm
these advisories. western coast could see flooding at times. because of the east winds and along the beaches as well. particularly, jersey, delaware. where the waves are pounding. there could be even beach erosion. could be a nor'easter. from the remnants of ida. south carolina coast. the big high pressure to the north. big area of high pressure. and that low pressure creating this pressure gradient. the winds keep bringing in this moisture and the waves from the east. they keep piling up the water. so on the shore here and on the western shore of the chesapeake, that's where we're seeing the water piling up. beautiful. no problems at all. we'll watch this slow -- low kind of meandering here. we stay wet here. before we might see some clearing in the day. gusting as high as 40 on the southern bay. bay temp around 56. tonight, more rain and more drizzle. 42. it's not going to go too far. and tomorrow not going to be
4:56 pm
warm at all. mid- to upper 40s. rain on and off, pretty much all day long. could see half an inch of rain. heaviest, south of the washington area. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. searching for a suspect. baltimore city police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting and then killing a 15-year-old boy. i'm gigi barnett, at city police headquarters. a live report is just ahead.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on eyewitness news. a teen's body is found inside a closet. and moments ago, police name a suspect in that case. early-morning gunfire. why city officers open fire on a man in his east baltimore
4:59 pm
home. and i'm mary bubala live at city hall, where mayor sheila dixon lost her temper with reporters. that story just ahead. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now. gruesome discovery in a baltimore home. >> a teak boy is beaten and -- teenage boy is beaten and left for dead in a closet. >> hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> city police call it a heinous homicide. the discovery of a teen, stabbed to death and hidden under a blanket in east baltimore, leads police on a manhunt. wjz is


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